natural ways to control blood pressure

High blood pressure plays a primary role in a host of serious health issues. It’s possible to lower your blood pressure naturally, without taking medications, by paying closer attention to your lifestyle choices.

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Take A Hike

Exercise is good for your heart and mind. It not only lowers your blood pressure, it releases endorphins that make you feel good.

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Lose An Inch

Excess weight, especially around your waistline, increases your risk of high blood pressure. Trim down by controlling portions, eating wisely and exercising regularly.

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Shake less salt

For many people, blood pressure is particularly sensitive to sodium. Look for low sodium foods when shopping and use salt-free seasonings.

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Grab a banana

Fruits and vegetables rich in potassium can help lower blood pressure. So add more avocados, potatoes, tomatoes and spinach to your diet.

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Cut yourself off

Watch your alcohol. One drink may be fine. Two drinks might be ok. But drinking too much can make your blood pressure climb.

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Try the decaf

Caffeine can constrict your blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise. Try to avoid caffeinated sodas and energy drinks too.

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Learn to relax

Stress can contribute to high blood pressure. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and quiet meditation can help.

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